The Evolution of Online Video!

03 Apr

Within the last few years it has been amazing to witness the growth of online video. In 2010 people in the US watched a combined 500 million hours of video online. Personally, I watched everything online, either through Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes. I haven’t had cable for the past two years, which allows me to choose the shows I want to see, and watch them when I want to. Also, by avoiding a cable subscription I have saved about $50 a month, which so far has totaled over $2000. In addition to saving money, I have also had a much more pleasant experience. Sure the buffering can be annoying, but I’ll put up with it for the benefits.

My experience with online video, as well as my interest in video production has made me very interested in exploring the evolution of online video. I will develop a research paper for Evolutions and Trends in Digital Media that will focus on how online video started, current trends, and where it is likely to go in the future. By concentrating on this topic, I hope to gain an understanding that will allow me to explain the importance of online video. I also hope to use what I learn to create and promote a weekly show that will be distributed online.


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